Monday, June 8, 2009

New Bracelet!

I have never had much patience for making bracelets, but I got a request for one from one of my mom's coworkers and figured, "why not?" So I am very proud as to how this came out, and it has inspired me to start doing more things like this, which increases the buying potential in my shop...eventually! Lol! This month, I have started to get more sales in my shop, not only online, but off. It looks like the pouring session in my life will slow down to a raining session and then soon to a other words, things are starting to look better!

It is currently with aquamarine and sapphire swarovski crystals, but I can make it to custom order and a different length than 7 1/2 inches also. Just please let me know if you have an interest, and I will do my best to work with you! Have a wonderful day!

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