Thursday, April 30, 2009


So I have finally joined Twitter...

You guys can follow me at

It has been quite an experience in learning new ways to market my products in my shop. I had taken a marketing class in college, but it is one thing to read the information and go through the assignments. It is something completely different to actually put the information into action for a living business!

I have only been on twitter for about a week and already have about 200 followers! Very Cool! I am still learning all the little things that I can do with it. Thanks to Tara from Youniquely Chic, I have had some insight on what I can accomplish with using Twitter.

I am the only one that can make myself not make things happen. This is the start of a wonderful adventure! I have lived this long, so I may as well enjoy the ride! Come follow me...

Friday, April 24, 2009

Etsy Day!!!

I have just learned about Etsy Day!

It is where people on Etsy promote Etsy instead of themselves...I don't think that is so hard to do, since I think there are more important things out there than just me.

So, here is to Etsy Day! I have found many new people there which I have found that I enjoy their company and have learned more things there than I ever would have just sitting at home! Etsy is a place where people can present their handmade items to sell, instead of having to wait for a local craft show. Everything handmade is able to be put on Etsy! Wow! When you stretch your imagination...just imagine all the things that you could get from one place, instead of having to buy it from an overpriced stuck up company that does not care about its customers. One thing that I have found is that Etsians care about each other, which is nice to see!

So go check it out...anything handmade... You will find something that you like there, and then eventually if you keep looking, you will fall in love with it too!

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The kindness of others...

It amazes me to find there are really nice people in the world when it seems like there is hate and sadness everywhere you look or hear about on the news. I have been nice to people, but had it used against me, so for a little while, I was not as nice, but I was not mean either.

The latest random act of kindness that somebody has shown me is Denise. She redid my banner, and then asked me what I thought of it. I liked it, especially when she put in my favorite color! Actually, I fell in LOVE with it! I have been trying to make everything perfect in my shop, and learning on the way. It is nice to see other people willing to help me out, when they do not even know me!

Being kind to others makes one feel great in one's heart! In February, I was feeling down. So I paid for somebody else's order in a local drive thru. The restaurant did not like it, because it had to get the manager to allow two transactions on one credit card, but then it realized that I was paying for the customer behind me, when I did not even know them, and the employees stopped growling at me in the windows. I felt better, if nothing else, just for the day, and even though I had to go and did not get a chance to be thanked, I know that person had a better day too.

There are times when everybody's circles are intertwined, making everybody realize that the best way to help themselves is to help other people also. This is what creates great communities, friendships, and most important of all: families. The more that I meet people on Etsy, the more I see a great community around me, even if the community at my physical location is not that great.

For more great experiences from really wonderful people, make sure you check out the shop links which are posted below!

Tuesday, April 7, 2009

New items and new pictures!!!

I am so glad to present in my shop not only new items, but also new photos! I had some problems with my photos either looking blurry or absolutely horrible! The people at Etsy have been so great that they showed me about the macro feature on the camera. Some of the pictures still do not look that great, but then David told me about using a light box, so I will be updating pictures AGAIN using that also. Some of the pictures have been posted here. Go check it out!

Monday, April 6, 2009

Hi Guys!

Thank you for visiting me! My name is Dawn, and my shop is, which specializes in handmade earrings, but also will be showcasing my other hobbies that I have done throughout my life. I am constantly looking for new ideas, so if you ever see any of my items that you wold like in a different color, please ask me to see if I have the color you would like, and I will make a special order for you.

From my shop, any profits made through sold baby items will be put into a bank account dedicated to Children's Hospital, in rememberance of my daughter, who died from Tetralogy of Fallot, a fatal heart condition. The money will be given to the hospital on her birthday, December 10th of every year my shop is open. I may not be able to bring her back, but I can donate to help other kids who get help from them, so that less parents will go through what our family has gone through.

I would like to take this time to give props to three sellers on Etsy that have huge hearts and have shown me thatthere are still wonderful people in the world. Go check out their shops:

I have not known these people very long, but their work is gorgeous and they make me laugh and have a great day by the end of our conversations!