Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The kindness of others...

It amazes me to find there are really nice people in the world when it seems like there is hate and sadness everywhere you look or hear about on the news. I have been nice to people, but had it used against me, so for a little while, I was not as nice, but I was not mean either.

The latest random act of kindness that somebody has shown me is Denise. She redid my banner, and then asked me what I thought of it. I liked it, especially when she put in my favorite color! Actually, I fell in LOVE with it! I have been trying to make everything perfect in my shop, and learning on the way. It is nice to see other people willing to help me out, when they do not even know me!

Being kind to others makes one feel great in one's heart! In February, I was feeling down. So I paid for somebody else's order in a local drive thru. The restaurant did not like it, because it had to get the manager to allow two transactions on one credit card, but then it realized that I was paying for the customer behind me, when I did not even know them, and the employees stopped growling at me in the windows. I felt better, if nothing else, just for the day, and even though I had to go and did not get a chance to be thanked, I know that person had a better day too.

There are times when everybody's circles are intertwined, making everybody realize that the best way to help themselves is to help other people also. This is what creates great communities, friendships, and most important of all: families. The more that I meet people on Etsy, the more I see a great community around me, even if the community at my physical location is not that great.

For more great experiences from really wonderful people, make sure you check out the shop links which are posted below!

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